PublicShow -- Top-level context module

Sourcerdf_term(+Atom, -URI)
Create a global RDF term
SourcerdfR(+Subj, +Pred, +Obj)
RDF real number input
SourcerdfI(+Subj, +Pred, +Obj)
RDF intger number input
SourcerdfL(+Subj, +Pred, +Obj)
RDF list input
SourcerdfV(+Subj, +Pred, +Obj, +Vars)
RDF variable list input, unbound on output
SourcerdfS(Subj, Pred, Obj)
RDF string input
SourcerdfE(+Subj, +Pred, +Obj)
RDF with entity input
Collect a temporary list of RDF items
Clean a temporary list of RDF items
Sourcerdfx(+Subj, +Pred, +Value)
A temporary RDF structure for storage