PublicShow -- Statistics operations on arrays

Sourcemsv(+L, -X)
Multi-scale-variance MSV calculates variance on all scales
Sourceexpsm(+X, +A, -Y)
Exponential smoother
Sourceabsdev(+X, +A, -Y)
Absolute deviation from scalar A
Sourcedist(+X, +A, -Y)
Norm squared deviation from scalar A
Sourcemean(+X, -Y)
Mean of array
Sourcemoment(+X, +A, -Y)
Moment A of array
Sourcemedian(+X, -Y)
Median of array
Sourcerms(+X, -Y)
RMS of array
Sourcevariance(+X, -Y)
Mean sum of squares of array
Sourcesum_of_squares(+X, +Y, -R)
Sum of squares of differences between two arrays
Sourcemedian_filter(+X, -Y)
Do a near-neighbor median filter on a list.
Sourcepeak_detector(+X, -Y)
Do a peak detector on a list.
Sourceexcursion(+X, +Y, -R)
Excursion match of two arrays
Sourceinflection(+X, +Y, -R)
Inflection match of two arrays

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Sourcecorrcoeff(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3)